XLB Palm Trees offers a tropically unique experience for your Wedding. Looking for palms and exotic tropicals to replicate that Island dream wedding?






XLB Palm Trees is Ontario's palm tree specialist, and importer of exotic  tropicals. All palms are from our nursery in Florida




Special Event Decor: Palm Trees & Tropical Plants

Palms  and Tropicals under 8 feet: $35/palm/day

Palms and Tropicals over 8 feet: $45/palm/day

There is a 2 day minimum charge

Seasonal Rentals: Minimum 4 month Rental

Palms and Tropicals under 8 feet: $40/month

Palms and Tropicals over 8 feet: $50/month



We will deliver in containers, and/or install for you.
Installation Fees Apply.

Single event & seasonal rentals available