Hello everyone, well it is now November and we have moved the clock back an hour along with our dwindling daylight our palms and tropicals are adjusting to the lower light levels and cooler temperatures. Palms and tropicals will become more dormant during the winter period. The number 1 cause of palm and tropical plant death of indoor plants is overwatering. Palms and tropicals that are in pot sizes 5 gallons and up should be watered only once per week and sometimes only once per 2 week periods. South facing palms and tropicals in front of window might need a constant once per week watering for those sunny week periods.

Let the palms and tropicals dry to about a 75% range and then water them thoroughly. DO NOT LET THEM STAND IN WATER.

A light misting once per week helps keep leaves from browning and keeps the humidity up.

If you own a Coconut Palm and it is not in my greenhouse for the winter...oh boy, you will struggle to keep it alive. This palm demands high light and warm/humid temps.

Call me or email. me if you have questions.


-- Darryl Exelby XLB Palm Trees 165 Sugar Maple Road, St. George, ON Canada 226-387-3373 www.xlbpalmtrees.com