Happy October everyone.

It seems that El Nino will be very strong this year. Bret Anderson, a Meteorologist from Accuweather in the United States, who focuses primarily on Canadian weather, has predicted one of the warmest winters in Canada on record. http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/2015-2016-canada -winter-forecast-record-warmth/53084188

So what does this mean for palm tree lovers?

Well, this might be the winter to try leaving some of your hardiest palms outside in the ground. If you have a Trachycarpus palm, Needle Palm, Sabal family palm or even a Washingtonia Robusta or Filiferra, you might try winterizing these palms outdoors.

If you have any of your palms planted near a south or west facing wall your chances of palm survival increases to the point that you might even be able to just burlap the palms and wrap Christmas lights around them.

Remember that the hardiest palms can withstand minus 17 degrees but this is just for a day or two at most. You will need to be ready to quickly throw some burlap, bubble wrap and lights or a heating cable around them just in case the forecast calls for extended extreme cold. I will put an alert on Facebook and my website if and when this happens.

Regardless how much a gamble you are willing to take leaving your palms outside or not winterizing them, you must put some plastic cover or tarp or bag over the top so the crown and the top of the trunk where the leaves grow remains dry. If this freezes then the palm will die!!!!!!!!

Good luck and email me if you have questions.

Happy Winter.

-- Darryl Exelby XLB Palm Trees 165 Sugar Maple Road, St. George, ON Canada 226-387-3373 www.xlbpalmtrees.com