Whether you live in Canada,Toronto, Boston, New York City, Atlantic City or anywhere throughout the US Northeast and Mid Atlantic, exotic palm trees and rare tropicals are becoming more common on restaurant patio's, in backyards, at cottages and beach side resorts.

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Why is this?

Well warmer winters play a part role in this as more cold tolerant palm tree varieties are able to now winter and survive in northern regions due to the seemingly warmer winters.

In Canada, our exchange rate currently is keeping many snow birds from traveling south so there is more of an interest to bring the tropics north.

In northern states; warmer winters, a growing hospitality sector looking for a unique landscape experience and many residents wanting to bring their winter decor home for the summer months has contributed to a greater demand for unique palms and tropicals that are of better quality and variety than one might find at any big box store.

Further, we can now ship palms and tropicals within 3-7 days of ordering allowing customers to quickly enjoy the sultry feel of the tropics in their own home or at their favorite restaurant.

We are excited to be the largest supplier of Palms and Exotic Tropicals in Canada serving a vast nation. We are also excited to be able to welcome our US customers that benefit from low cost shipping directly from our location in South Florida.

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Whether you are looking for large palms that will instantly tropicize your patio or you are an Urban Restaurant downtown looking to create that "Miami" look on your rooftop balcony, we have what you are looking for.

Proud to serve you for over 20 years.


Darryl Exelby, Owner, XLB Palm Trees

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